What is UltraGREP?


UltraGREP is a tool that performs like the UNIX 'grep' command. It basically scans named files for lines containing a match to a given string.

You can specify whether you want the scan to be recursive, and also whether the search-string test is to be done case-sensitively or not.


Why did you make UltraGREP?


During coding some C++ and fiddling with some XML, I was looking for a free GREP type tool that would scan a folder recursively and list all the grep results in an easy to view format.

I generally found that programs were either commercial, or they seemed too convoluted, or they didn't show the results in a nice preview. Rather they just showed each line of the successful grep. During development I always like to see the context of where the grep was successful.

This combined with a hunger to learn a bit of C# for developing Windows Forms applications led to the birth of UltraGREP.



Why should I use it?


You don't have to. It's just yet another grep program tailored to do things the way I like them :O)

If there are any features you think it could really do with, or any bugs then please feel free to report them and I'll see what I can do if I manage to get some time.



How much does it cost?


It's free!


I don't expect anyone to pay for this program, it was a little hobby and I just wanted to get it out there to you.


However, I have a full-time job and it doesn't give me too much spare time.

Can I gently ask if you find UltraGREP useful, you may donate as a token of appreciation for the work, the website hosting and to encourage further development.


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